Which retirement plan is right for

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Choosing a Retirement Plan: Retirement Plan Options

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Which Retirement Plan Is Best?

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Help with Choosing a Retirement Plan

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Retirement plans for small businesses

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A retirement income plan is a year by year timeline that shows you where your retirement income will come from. It can be done on a sheet of graph paper, or quite easily in an Excel spreadsheet (or another spreadsheet program).

Traditional 401(k) plans

To make an informed decision on which plan is right for your business, review the differences carefully before you choose. Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account (SEP IRA). This plan is flexible, easy to set up, and has low administrative costs.

May 30,  · Tax-favored retirement plans that certain small employers (including self-employed individuals) can set up for the benefit of their employees, a SIMPLE IRA plan is a written salary reduction agreement between employee and employer that allows the employee, if eligible, to choose to have the employer contribute the salary.

Apr 01,  · The right plan for you will depend on how much you can save and whether you have employees. a no-brainer retirement plan handed to you in a tidy package. go to the Forbes Tax Guide. For most people, this is the easiest and best place to start investing for retirement.

The money is withheld through payroll deduction, and you can save up to $18, of your pretax income in But what type of retirement plan is the right fit for your business? There are several types to choose from and the options can be confusing. For example, some small-business retirement plans are better for sole proprietors, while others may be more appropriate for businesses with up to employees.

Which retirement plan is right for
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