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BS in Business Administration – Project Management

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Project Business Plan, Project Execution Plan and Outcome Realisation Plan. Put your logo here Put your organization name here Project Change Control Plan Template Rev.November, Sample - for Evaluation Only Copyright © CVR/IT.

Put your logo here Put your organization name here Project Change Control Plan Template Rev.November, Sample - for Evaluation Only Copyright © CVR/IT.

Project managers are catalysts for change. Learn how to inspire a sense of shared purpose in a team, and how to manage projects from beginning to end using proven project-management techniques. Provides students with the knowledge and skills needed in project planning and management.

This program provides students with the practical application skills and working knowledge of the tools necessary to plan, implement and manage projects in any business environment. The Project Manager, Joe Green, has the overall authority and responsibility for managing and executing this project according to this Project Plan and its Subsidiary Management Plans.

The project team will consist of personnel from the coding group, quality control/assurance group, technical writing group, and testing group.

Business plan project manager
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